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How to market your house for sale

Planning to sell your home? There are a lot of factors to be considered before putting up the “For Sale” board. Many houses might require refurbishments, and getting the house ready to be enlisted on the Real Estate agent’s long list is hard; effective marketing of the house is a whole other thing. Marketing the house for sale requires guidance from experts, and adequately thought-out strategies need to be implemented to increase the number of interested buyers. Sales and marketing might not be areas where everyone will have excellent knowledge in, so it is always best to consult someone or follow specific guidelines while putting your house out for sale. Here are a few marketing tips for the effective sale of your house.

1.     Photographs of the exterior of the house

While posting pictures of your home online, always cover the whole façade of it. Photos of the interiors matter the most, but posts without exterior photographs wouldn’t look appealing. So, always post pictures of the exteriors, especially the front part of the house, without any trees, shade, or vehicles blocking the clear view of the house. While photographing the exteriors, also capture other exterior amenities like swimming pool, clubhouse, spa, or play area  (if any). The potential buyers always prefer a picture of the courtyard, so keep the space clean before clicking the photos.

2.     Immaculate photos of the interior

Buyers will look into the photographs of the interiors the most. Every detail matters here. Well-lit pictures of the rooms are preferred. In cases where well-lit photos are not available, take a picture anyways and post, as the interior pictures matter. All curtains and blinds should be raised/opened before clicking the image. Shoot every room from different angles and capture the interiors in its best form.

3.     Virtual tour through the house

Almost every buyer demands a virtual tour through the house these days. A 360 outlook at all the rooms of the house is essential since it helps the buyers to visit the place (although virtually) before moving into the phase of documentation. Various agents and companies can provide virtual tours, and customizations can also be added to the tour in the form of scrolling descriptions, music or sound effects.

4.     “For Sale” sign

Signage matters to a great extent as the buyers are likely to contact the agents when such signs/boards are put up in front of the house. When your home is in a corner, the signboard could be placed in your neighbour’s plot with an arrow pointing to your property. Boards set by real estate agents must include the personal/office contact number of the agent.

5.     Print Advertising

Advertisements in print media can help bring more buyers to the forefront, as several people look for such publications in newspapers. Always try to put these ads in the best and most popular newspapers.

How to get your home ready to be listed by the real estate agent

Selling an emotional asset would be hard, but in certain situations, you would have to take a step towards transferring the ownership. In many cases, hasty approaches towards the house sale would end up in a wrong deal. When you put your house out for sale, there are a few norms that you must stick to, and it is always best to follow these so that you can sell your house as fast as possible. The stage of approval and enlisting by the real estate agents is mandatory while putting your home for sale. Here are some steps you can adopt to get your house ready to be listed by the real estate agent.

Cleaning the courtyard and exteriors

The first thing that any agent would notice will be the cleanliness of the house. Keep the courtyard and everything that surrounds the house (exteriors of the house) clean. An immaculate exterior of the home puts half your efforts in the positive zone. Never leave any margin for errors. Mow the lawns, cut down overgrown trees and branches, clean all the walking lanes, avoid parking your car in front of the property, keep the garage closed, remove garbage baskets and cans from the front yard, and also remove all cobwebs and clean the entire area. It is always best to invite the agents for a visit soon after your lawns are mowed. Doing most of these would help you get half of your work done.

Keeping the insides clean

Once the exteriors are cleaned, start with your interiors. Sweeping and mopping the floors alone would not keep the interiors clean, at least not for the agents. For the interiors to look impressive, everything from beds to wardrobes should be appropriately arranged. Make the beds, keep the kitchen counters clean, and keep the walls clear from any photographs or hanging wall art. It would be best to remove your furniture from the rooms so that it doesn’t block the view of the agent while he captures photos of the rooms.

An area for the deal

Designate an area exclusively to sit over the documentation process and such formalities. Arrange some seats and refreshments at the table in this area. Do not rush the deal and documentation process. Read everything and sign the deal; in case you do not understand any point in the documents ask for the agent’s help or guidance. It would be best to refrain from attending phone calls or replying to texts while you are talking to the agent. Pay close attention to everything that the agent says and reads.

How do you know you have found the right house?

Are you in search of a house? You will have different sources to find houses, and crash into it. But finding the right one and turning it into your dream home is the challenge. Everyone will have defined concepts and standards for their dream abode, which when met, you conclude that you have found the right place. But it is not always that easy, as there are many aspects to be considered while narrowing down to the best house. A feeling of remorse after all the formalities being completed can easily be prevented if you look into all the important aspects at the right time. Here are a few hints that your ideal home will exude at the time of your visit, and knowing these can help you realize that you have found your nest.

An urge to step into the house

When you visit a house, if the exteriors and façade look appealing, you are likely to enter the house. The exteriors matter the most, as the saying “the first impression is the best impression” gets validated here. If the neighbouring house looks more appealing and attractive, the other house possesses some charm that drives you towards it. Try to figure out what that magic is, that you are looking for.

The moment of entering the house

That moment decides your instinctive inclinations. When you step onto the threshold, if you feel a magical spark being kindled within you, then you are at the right place. It would not always be easy to get the right intuition, but beyond a certain point, you can always trust your instincts.

When the bathroom makes you comfortable

Entering the bathroom should always have a significant impact on your decision. The instincts work in a way that your surroundings start giving you signs, and this is one big sign that counts. When stepping into the bathroom, if you feel uncomfortable and a feeling of hesitation to enter the room arises, then it is not your haven. You are looking for a better place.


If you start to have a feeling of possessiveness towards the house that you are visiting, the house is calling for you.

Furniture arrangement

Once you enter the room if you start picturizing and envisioning the provision of the furniture in the room, you have begun developing an attachment towards this place, and it is another positive sign.

Painting Walls

Planning future activities in your head, like painting the walls and the different colors to be used on the walls, is like the finishing touch to your dream coming true.

Meeting all your requirements

All the above signs may or may not work for everyone, but the most practical side comes when you have to check with the amenities and see whether all your basic needs are met. Be it a garage, a fireplace, or a swimming pool; if the house does not match any such requirements of yours, it is best to drop the plan of buying it.

All the above aspects matter, but it is your instincts that matter the most. So, if you are excited about the house and no other house seems to impress you anymore, go ahead and sign the documents to that perfect life.

Tips for Succeeding As a Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent

Being a real estate agent is not easy and can take you months to crack a deal with your client. The best real estate agents know the art of selling properties without pushing their clients too much or holding themselves back. Here are the things that you need to learn from successful real estate agents to perform well in the industry.

Start from your neighbourhood

The first contacts that you will get will be from your neighbourhood. Start creating contacts and find out the people who are looking for properties or planning to sell theirs. You need to learn about the buildings in your place and understand about local schools, markets, hospitals, and commuting options, and finances behind buying and selling rates.

Always be learning

You cannot enter the real estate and start making profits. It takes a lot of time to understand the market and what it demands from you. Learning to be a successful real estate agent take time and mentoring. Find yourself a mentor who can take you with them. You can earn a little bit of money while you work and learn under them and once you feel confident about your work.

time and mentoring.

Pick the right brokerage to start your career

Once you are licensed as a real estate agent, you can either start your own agency or join an already existing one. It is very important to know about the agency that you are joining and whether it operates on legal terms. Talk with the managing broker before you join and find out whether you will be comfortable with the type of demands they have and how they operate.

Do not be afraid to take risks

Before you even step into the field of real estate, you need to understand that there will be risks involved in the work as you will start making deals. In the starting stage of business, agents like to play safe only to realize later that taking risks is the actual key to cracking deals. Let go of the barriers and start taking the steps which will either end your deal on a bad note or create a fortune for you.

Treat your clients like gold

Your clients are your time and money. When it comes to building a successful career in real estates, the only thing which really matters is your clients. No matter how big or small the deal is, if you treat your clients well, you are building yourself goodwill. Keep your clients satisfied not only at the time of deal but also afterwards, to make them talk about you among their family and friends.

Hold yourself accountable

If you fail, there cannot be anything else you can blame but yourself. You will not become an expert overnight. It will take time, and every failure should be a learning step for you. Approach the things you missed last time in your next deal and keep updating your learning.

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